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The techy side of golf has been on full display over the last few years with a rash of launch monitors, simulators, game improvement apps and even “smart clubs” that collect real-time data for any not-pro golfer that can afford it. But whether you’re a data junkie, or just don’t trust your buddy’s club recommendations, there’s one piece of golf tech that really can change your game for the better, and it’s been around for awhile. We’re talking about the rangefinder.

It’s a simple concept: find your target, press a button, and play the yardage it tells you to — something any rangefinder on the market will accomplish to varying degrees. But the simplicity of the device also makes it easy to overlook the best among the rest. What really sets rangefinders apart comes down to reliability, added (useable) features and price, and Upside Inc.’s LOCKON Laser Rangefinder checks all of those boxes.


Key Features-Upside LOCKON Laser Rangefinder:

  • INSTANT ACCESS: The world’s first built-In high-powered Neo-Mag locking magnet system designed in the USA. Locks to carts & faces of irons. Guaranteed not to fall off.
  • SUPREMELY ACCURATE: Accurate to .5 – 1.0 yards. We have personally tested to golf flags with pin jolt lock at 500+ yards, to trees and buildings over 650+ yards. High definition lens with 6X magnification.
  • DUAL MODE: Two modes available: Tournament mode which measures exact legal distance to the pin. Slope Mode which measures provides the golfer with compensated distance to measure the target’s elevation changes.
  • HIGH QUALITY & MORE STABLE: Neo-Mag and outer shell designed in USA by a PGA Professional. Internal technology built by our partner who has over 14 years experience in optics technology. This product has more weight than most which allows for better balance and a steadier hold.
  • RISK FREE: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, 12 Year Warranty, 12-month satisfaction guarantee (from date of Amazon sale), and finally world class customer service.


The LOCKON rangefinder is ready to go straight out of the box (I have to admit that I didn’t even need to open the user manual to figure everything out before my first test round). Press the power button once to turn it on, and again with the crosshairs on the target to get a reading — that’s literally it. The device even vibrates once locked onto your target so there’s no left to right panning required, unlike some other brands. The LOCKON comes with two modes; “Tournament” mode measures exact distances while “Slope” mode displays both exact and compensated distances, which it bases on elevation changes. Switching between the two is a simple click of the “Mode” button.

Speaking to reliability and features, LOCKON’s expertly calibrated laser is accurate to half a yard, with 650+ yards of range. The viewfinder boasts 6x magnification, 7 degrees field of view and a crystal clear LCD display allowing you to see your target and readings quickly, and the auto power save feature ensures you won’t drain the your battery while it’s not in use. The ergonomic design is compact and easy to store with the included hard case, but the icing on the cake is the patent-pending LOCKON magnet build specifically to hold on tightly to golf carts and club heads. Forget about losing this bad boy anytime soon — the magnet is no joke — whether secured to your cart or your clubs, the LOCKON promises to stick around when you need it (wink).


Pros and Cons:

  • Built-in LOCKON Magnet (Patent Pending)
  • Pin Jolt
  • Slope Mode
  • Tournament Mode
  • 650+ Yard Range
  • Accurate to 0.5 yards
  • Single Second Measurement
  • 6X Magnification
  • Yards / Meters
  • Water Resistant
  • Multi-Coated Lens
  • Auto Power Save
  • Battery: CR2-3V

  • Shooting is a little bit blurry for long distance.



Frequently Asked Question about Upside Laser Rangefinder:

Question: Can you remove the magnet?

Answer: I believe so by Allen Wrench.

Question:is this having meter option instead of the yard ?

Answer: Yes. You have the option of either yards or meters.

Question: Is delivery fast?

Answer: With Amazon Prime, it’s always fast.

Question:Does this have scan mode?

Answer: Yes it does have “scan function”. You press down the power button and hold it on target for a 1-3 seconds, then let go. The unit will JOLT with vibration when it locks onto a yardage or meter measurement. Some of these rangefinders come with multiple modes, which does make sense for hunters.

Question: Who are the golfers that designed this product?

Answer: I believe it was designed by Patrick shea. I understand he lives in Northern California. I actually played a round with him in Napa, ca. About 20 years ago.

He was quite impressive.


Now for the best part. Somehow UpSide offers all of this for $179.00, with free shipping and additional discounts available through Amazon.


Our Opinion:

Really, whether you need a new rangefinder or not, the LOCKON is a must for golfers looking to hone in on their distances with an easy-to-use device without paying an arm and a leg for unneeded features. (Selling your used Bushnell could cover the cost and then some anyway, ahem.) With just the right amount of data and an unbeatable price, UpSide clearly has its sights set on changing how we look at high-tech golf accessories.








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